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How to maiantain checkbox state under onclick of javascript

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How to maiantain checkbox state under onclick of javascript...checkbox losing its state under onclick of javascript...Onchange when set works in firefox but not in chrome and IE...Onclick works but checked state gone...

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<script type="text/javascript">
      function salaryshowhide() {
          var lfckv = document.getElementById("<%=chksal.ClientID%>").checked;

          if (lfckv== true) {

              document.getElementById("<%=txtsal1.ClientID%>").disabled = false;

              document.getElementById("<%=txtsal2.ClientID%>").disabled = false;

              document.getElementById("<%=currency.ClientID%>").disabled = false;

              document.getElementById("<%=permonth.ClientID%>").disabled = false;

              document.getElementById("<%=chksal.ClientID%>").checked = true;
          else {

              document.getElementById("<%=txtsal1.ClientID%>").disabled = true;

              document.getElementById("<%=txtsal2.ClientID%>").disabled = true;

              document.getElementById("<%=currency.ClientID%>").disabled = true;

              document.getElementById("<%=permonth.ClientID%>").disabled = true;
              document.getElementById("<%=chksal.ClientID%>").checked = false;


          return false;



<asp:CheckBox ID="chksal" runat="server" style="float:left" onclick="return salaryshowhide();"
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How to maiantain checkbox state under onclick of javascript

You know it would be helpful if you post a little more ASP code showing what is this:

var lfckv = document.getElementById("<%=chksal.ClientID%>").checked;

Here is an link regarding about checkbox using Javascript with ASP:


or this:


Both links have a few examples you can used. It's bit hard to really understand the issue you are having because the code you provided is incomplete.

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