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VS 2012 installation not able to locate DbSqlPackageProvider.msi package

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HI Guys,

This might be a wrong place for such a query but I really need your help.
I have downloaded the VS_ultimate setup file from Microsoft. I ran this setup and it's kinda stuck at a point where it is not able to locate the Microsoft web deploy dbsqlpackage provider -enu.

Earier I got the same thing for Silverlight 5 sdk too but I downloaded it and the setup went ahead.

Somehow I am not able to get this provider on web.

Please help!!

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Im pretty sure this is what you are looking for...


This will allow T-SQL editing, and allow you to hook up and browse a database.

If youre trying to connect to a MySQL server, you will need to download the mysql tools, but the TSQL editor does not work in VS for MySQL. Instead, I recommend MySQL Workbench.


Hope that helps,


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