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file cannot be acessed from windows 2008 r2 server

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I have migrated my website from shared hosting to VPS server and have rehosted the site , now the problem is i cannot access the video files which is present in my server for eg : http://mydomain.com/httpdocs/test.mp4 my previous or old location was like http://mydomain.com/test.mp4 So please advice as where am going wrong , should i need to mention the new location with httpdocs folder or as the old one , as i cannot acess the video files it pops the error as cannot find the file 404 error.

thanks in advance

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A 404 error means page not found. That's an indication that the URL you typed does not match up to a file that the web server can find in that location.

Based on the URL, that means from the ROOT of your website, there is a folder called httpdocs you created with a file called test.mp4 in that directory.

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