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how this grid is generated with pagination ?

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Hey Experts >>>>> Please help me out .... i want this type of grid to be generated horizontally ... but unfortunately in asp.net gridview is not showing horizontal options ..... another interesting fact is that all the products shown in this page is UNIQUE ... and Pagination is also included ... how ??? please help me ... here is the link www.mxonline.com.pk
check its center product grid on the main page .... i want to use SQL database in this project .
someone told me to use datalist ... but "if for e.g there are 20 unique products showing on the page .... and i have total 200 products , so that means i have to make 20 pages with 20 datalist ???? what i want is that "if i use datalist , then i want it to be generated dynamically via LOOP or something else , and i need pagination to be shown on the page with respect to my total products in database ...." for e.g the first 20 products in a datalist will not appear again in any page"

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