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Hello friends,
I am sorry I have to ask this question but does anybody know where to get a flightbooking application writen in coldfusion. I don't know how it works so it is making it hard for me to code. Please if you have written flight booking software that runs on api's like flightware you are welcome. I have also herd of GDS like sabare,gallilio.worldspan and amedeus.
I need help friends.

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I don't know how it works so it is making it hard for me to code.

I am assume you are learning ColdFusion Markup Language?

What are you trying to create?

In the end any application is written in ColdFusion Markup Language.


LastMitch,thanks for the reply I am trying to create a flight,hotel and car rental booking application. I have been programing in coldfusion for one years now. If only I had a source code outline of how the booking software looks like then I would know what to do. I would greatly appreciate it if you had some source code that would be a guide for me. Thanks last mitch and any other who can contribute

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