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jQuery image fade problem

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Okay, enough's enough, I need some help.

I've been trying to do a simple loop to fade three images in and out, one after another [ids are img1, img2, img3].

The code below only does the third image, and other things I've tried either do the same image three times, loop through the images in rapid succession, or crash everything, I think because the for loop executes too fast.

So basically what I need is a way to either pause the loop until the animation is complete, or rethink the entire code (it shouldn't be this hard! I swear I don't suck at this.)


for (n = 1; n = 3; n++) {
var zing = "#img" + n;
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Try this:

for (var n = 1; n < 4; n++) 
			var zing = "#img" + n;
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