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incomplete result using ajax


hi i m very new to ajax and i want to have incomplete results like in the following image of google: upload1

please help me for this purpose and for more experties in ajax

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Ok, I kind of know what it is you're trying to achieve.

If you're wanting it so when a user types a key down it comes up with suggestions, this is quite simply.. It is done with jQuery/Ajax =)

To do the recommended searches is a little more complex, will require PHP/PERL etc and a database also an algorithm =)!


thnx phorce for reply. i just only want to show the suggestions for the realted key pressed down..like in the above image i simply press 'a' and the google suggest me with more suggestion like aiou, adobe flash player and blah blah.. i only want the suggestion not for the recomended searchs


Hi. You can use jQuery plagin http://jqueryui.com/autocomplete/ it supports work with AJAX.


If you are familiar with jQuery, you can use the autocomplete from the UI, or you can build your own process.

For example, here is a block of code that you can adapt. This is the front end. The back-end, you'd have to write. The back-end takes the input every time the user clicks on a key on the keyboard and performs a search against a data source.

$("#inputElement").keyup(function() {
    var str = $("#inputElement").val();
    $.post("hint.php", { strinput: str }, function (data) {
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