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hi every one. I have form and in that that form some of fields values are taken from request object .
and am validating fields values using struts validate() method. once i submit form if any error in fields
validate method will throws error but the request object content is get null o list will become empty. how can i retain the request object s please help me.

<html:form action="/ext/test" >
<%if ( request.getAttribute("eirbean") != null ) {
        EirBean eirbeanRequest = (EirBean) request.getAttribute("eirmbean");

        typeListList = eirmbeanRequest.getType();


<hml:text name="test" />
 <html:select property="Type" >

                                for(ArrayList<Object> type:typeListList){%>

                                    <html:option value="<%=type.get(0).toString() %>"></html:option>

                               <% }




thank you.....

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hai chandub,

this is not correct place to ask questions like above

this is related javascript/DHTML/Ajax forum only

but your question is related JAVA forum

pls redirect your requirement post in JAVA forum of daniweb

you may get help from there

happy coding

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