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Problem With My Website Design

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Hi All.

I Am Having A Problem With My Website http://www.wanaspace.com/On Home Page Of This Site The Youtube Video collapsing on Advertising Window.i want advertising Window to be opened over video so end user can close advertising & watch video.need your help as early as possible.

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What are you using to set the advertisement? div tag? ccs? java?
Just change the x/y or just insert it in a div and overflow it.

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you have set the z-index of body elements the table(very iniefficient as you are also using css positioning) used for layout to 100
if the z-index of the advertising script is lower it will be behind
the code is a mess,
fails w3c validation a place to start when looking for problems
too hard to wade through till the problems are fixed utf16 and utf8 are not compatible
clean it up and the issue may be easier to find

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