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PHP Automatically replace "&" with "&"


I have a RSS reader on a web-page and the RSS it receives have links that contain "&" sign in them. For the page to be valid it needs to be changed to "&". I know this sounds stupid and unnecessary but I want to fix them.

Attached to this post is the PHP I use to get the RSS feed. Can someone help me modify it so i can have it change the "&" to "&"?

Attachments rss_no_bullet.php (2.97KB)

I barely know PHP and I don't know how to implement it.


You can use PHP's str_replace.



the edited line is 108

$page .= "<div class='rss-title'><a target='_blank' href=\"$link\">$title</a></div>";
$page .= "<div class='rss-title'><a target='_blank' href=\"".urlencode($link)."\">$title</a></div>";
Attachments rss_no_bullet_mod.php (2.99KB)
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