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Different Joomla Template Overrides For Different Joomla Menus

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I am using Joomla v1.7 and the mod_mainmenu is now mod_menu (I think, because there is no mod_mainmenu in the modules folder). In my site I have two menus like most sites, one in the header and another one in the footer. The header menu is a lot more complex with drop downs, while the footer menu simply has four links. I am in the process of overriding the mod_menu template for the header menu but that would also render the same overridden html for footer menu.

How do I make two separate overrides for two separate menus. In the footer I was thinking of hardcoding anchor tags, but that would make it difficult for my client to add or remove links from the footer. How do I do this? Is it possible?


I appreciate the help.

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I'm not too familiar with Joomla, but could you not check the name of the menu being rendered, and if it's the header, use one template, otherwise use the default?

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