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Help with MP4BOX [, FAAC] Installation in UBUNTU 11.4

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Exclamation Help with MP4BOX [, FAAC] Installation in UBUNTU 11.4


I am trying to install Clipbucket and all its required modules on Ubuntu 11.4. I have followed the tutorial at http://www.andresmontalban.com/how-to-install-clipbucket-requirements-on-redhat-enterprise-5-server-with-cpanel/ and have everything installed except for FAAC and MP4BOX.

These are the errors I get:

FAAC –> Error in common/mp4v2 and 3gp.o

MP4BOX –> error [libgpac.so] missing -lglut found in ‘usr/build’

The most important one of the two is the MP4BOX which is not being installed properly.


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