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Decision Support System PHP code. Help!

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For my final year project, i would like to build decision support system that give suggestion to customer to build their house based on type of house and price. So, customer will select type of house that they like and also the budge money that they have. Then, the system will display the type of house that they want within their budget. This system will be similar as medical decision support system. My question is how to build decision support system using php? Can anyone give tutorial or example of code for making dss? What i need to know to build this system?

Hope someone can help me.
Thanks very much

Regards zeeya

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You might want to do a search and find some sample systems and see how they were built. This is one that I found:

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Hello!! What i need to know to build this system?

You need to know:
1. What DSS is and how it works
2. HTML/CSS for styling and markup
3. PHP/Javascript for making things happen
4. SQL for storage
5. Optional but adds whistles and bell that is AJAX

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