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PHP script not running

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Hi community,

I recently started learning html and I tried to make a short feedback form. That should send the data over to a php file and that should append it to a txt file. However, every time I try to submit my form data, I keep just seeing the PHP code. I have installed php.

$name = $_post['username'];
$email = $_post['pass'];
$fp = fopen(”formdata.txt”, “a”);
$savestring = $name . “,” . $email . “n”;
fwrite($fp, $savestring);
echo “<h1>You data has been saved in a text file!</h1>”;
<form name="userpassform" id="user_pass_form" action="formsaver.php" method="post">
Username<input type="text" name="username"/> <br />
Password<input type="password" name="pass"/> <br />
<input type="submit" value="Submit"/>
<input type="reset">

I'm running everything locally from my computer. Help is appreciated =)

Kind regards

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Check that the files you are using are being ran through localhost.

Make sure all your services are started.

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If you're running Apache, and PHP, have you installed and configured mod_php5? This is what essentially links the two and tells the web server to parse the PHP code, rather than just return it.

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You don't need to login to the database to run your script. However, your Apache server must be on.

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