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How to add a working page in wordpress? (NOT TALKING ABOUT WORDPRESS DEFAULT PAGE)

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Hi to everyone,
I want to add a new page in the site, www.greatwayonline.com.
It is the site of GREATWAY MAGAZINE. you can see the thumbnail titled epaper on the right side of the magazine.

My problem is that I want to make its epaper site. My requirements are:-
1) When user click on Epaper, there appears the page of EPAPER page of www.greatwayonline.com.

2) I want the same header and same header and same footer as it is in homepage.... In between I will install epaper plugin...........
for example this page may help u to understand my problem.....

Waiting for ur positive reply,
thank you...

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Three options would be to:

1. Create a shortcode, which you could enter into the content field of a normal WordPress page, and that could take the ebook for display on that page as an argument, and then render the flash markup.

2. Create a custom WordPress page template and hardcode the flash markup for the ebook.

3. Create a custom post type, specifically for ebooks.

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