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Captcha not working with jquery

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am using jquery.min.js to insert a form data into myqsl db.I just added a captcha script i got online,but i keep geting an [ Notice: Undefined index: secretNumber in D:\xampp\htdocs\mim\insert.php on line 25 ].I tryed all i know ,nwwd your help.

javascript code:

<script type="text/javascript">
>         $(document).ready(function(){
>         //Get the input data using the post method when Push into mysql is clicked .. we pull it using the id fields of ID, Name and
> Email respectively...
>         $("#insert").click(function(){
>         //Get values of the input fields and store it into the variables.
>         var hotel=$("#hotel").val();
>         var guestname=$("#guestname").val();
>         var mob=$("#mob").val();
>         var email=$("#email").val();
>         var description=$("#description").val();
>         var calltime=$("#calltime").val();
>         var ftd=$("#ftd").val();          //var ftd=$("#secretNumber").val();
>         //use the $.post() method to call insert.php file.. this is the ajax request
>         $.post('insert.php', {hotel: hotel, guestname: guestname, mob: mob, email: email, description: description, calltime: calltime, ftd:
> ftd,},
>         function(data){
>         $("#message").html(data);
>         $("#message").hide();
>         $("#message").fadeIn(1500); //Fade in the data given by the insert.php file
>         });
>         return false;
>         });
>         });
>         </script>

form field captcha code:

<img src="secureImage.php" alt="CAPTCHA" />
<input name="secretNumber" id="secretNumber"  value="" maxlength="6" />


<?php session_start(); include"inc/config.php";?>

if(!empty($_POST["secretNumber"]) &&
    //Correct number is entered
    //Pull data from home.php front-end page
 //Insert Data into mysql
$query=mysql_query("INSERT INTO  cntacts (hotel,guestname,mob,email,description,calltime,ftd) VALUES('$hotel','$guestname','$mob','$email','$description','$calltime','$ftd')");
echo "<img src='img/icon/thankyou.gif' border='0' width='400' height='200' align='center'>";
else{ echo "An error occurred!".mysql_error(); }
    //Display error message
     echo "An error occurred!".$_POST["secretNumber"];
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{hotel: hotel, guestname: guestname, mob: mob, email: email, description: description, calltime: calltime, ftd:
> ftd,},

I can't see secretName in the list. You can't pick up $_POST['var'] directly from a form sent by Ajax. It either has to be sent via parameter (.post or .get or .ajax etc) or serialized and then sent.

So, add the parameter to your list.

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