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chang background size


How can I change the size of the pictures in this example http://codepen.io/anon/pen/IDKAo I am making a photo gallery with this effect, and I need to change the size of the pictures, can anyone help? It is a pretty complex css so I understand if you can't.

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It is a pretty complex css so I understand if you can't.

I'm a bit confused what you are doing? Every thread you post is related to CSS but have you actually try to modify the code first?


All you do is give the img tags a dimension... go to w3schools.com and they will show you how to use the <img> effects/usages...


@LastMitch, First of all this account is not just mine its mine and two of my friends that are in a class together, and yes I do try, in this instance, I can't change the size of the images because in the CSS it is under background-image. And the background-size tag doesn't work.
@Michael, There are no img tags, I am not that clueless :)


I figured it out though, I have to declare it an inline-block and then I can change the height and width

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