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Digital Image Pro 'hangs up'

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Mary Ann Wright
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I'm delighted to have found your site!

Here's the issue:

After initalizing Digital Image Pro 7, it hangs up when I attempt to access the open files icon.

The error message and details are as follows:
szAppName : Pip.exe szAppVer : 7.0.709.0 szModName : hungapp

szModVer : offset : 00000000



You would make my DAY (YEAR!) by helping me correct this issue.

Thanks in advance!!
Mary Ann Wright

PS: I have scoured the MS site for this error and fix and surprise! no info to be found

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Looks like an awkward issue. Maybe as a temporary fix you could try using a free editor just to keep you running:
e.g. www.gimp.org or www.irfanview.com

I've tried googling the issue and the information I've seen generally has no fix...
So far the most helpful option I've seen is reinstalling the software, but slim hopes there I'm afraid!

Have you recently installed/updated some software? Particularly internet firewalls/security/antivirus?

Best Wishes

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