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Image links not working


I am having problems getting my images show up in some of my pages. My instructor and some of the students in my online class have suggested using relative links, but when I do this, NONE of the images show up. Any suggestions?


That typically happens when you have the WRONG path to the image and/or you have misspelled the image name. Also, be aware that some webservers are case-sensitive. So if your image name is "logo.gif", then if you code "logo.GIF", it will not work.

So, your first task is to figure out the full path to your image. Type it directly in the browser's address:

If it loads, then you have the right path and you should be able to use that path in your image - <img src="http://www.yoursite.com/Images/logo.gif"> Also, if you are viewing your page via http, but your code uses the file protocol - <img src="file:///..."> then it will not work. You must reference the image using http, so you will need to upload the images to webserver.


You keep your image in same folder where html file is present and you type
the code for image setting in html page

<img src="sheet79_005.jpg">

or your image, anywhere in the drive set the path correctly like

<img src="file:\\\E:\PICTURE\computer.jpg">

well you can also do this thing...copy your picture then paste in the browser then the URL is there then copy it.then paste it in your text editor..

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