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[WordPress] Removing site name from admin bar

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I have been trying to remove certain items from the admin bar which appear at the top of all WordPress pages. I've managed to remove the 'visit' menu from it by reading a forum elsewhere and editing CSS but I have had no luck with researching how to remove the site name that appears first on the left of the admin bar. Does anyone here know how I can do it?


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I don't see a site name on the admin bar in any of my word press installations, however, all my wp installations is done on their own domains, so I am not sure to what you refer to if you try to remove the site name from admin bar?

In the admin section, the site link appears on the left hand side of the wphead but I gather you are talking about the admin bar that shows when you logged in and browsing the site itself?

To ad and remove stuff from the admin bar is relative easy, you edit the theme's functions.php file and the following website will show you some handy code to do it:


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