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Drop Down Menu Not Showing Submenus

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I'm new to the whole website designing business an have encountered a problem that my drop down menu's sub menu isn't showing.

Here's a link to the website :


Any advise would be much appreciated.

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a link to your website won't do us a lot of good. it's good to give that if you want us to review or give an opinion about your website itself, but if you want us to check why your code isn't working, you'll have to show all relevant code.

at this point, we know your submenu's don't work, but, are they created in javascript, in css, ... ?

I've just taken a quick glance at your code ... I don't see any 'actions' triggered or styles changed when you push or hover one of your buttons, that should show the submenu's, so how did you think it was going to show?

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