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web page display issue in ie and firefox.

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Hello I have a site designed based in cms. There is a problem displaying a single page in ie(internet explorer). But in firefox and chrome it seems to be fine. I am tired of searching bugs. The problem is, In ie the footer and some content of the body is not displayed but in firefox it displays. Please help. ( http://www.futerox.net/ficus/valuation-services.html ) :(

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the thing is that ie has some problems with it cames to inplimentation of some of the w3c standered so what to do is try to specify a rule in your css rules for only ie and yous some of the basic way of presenting data like the you of tables instered of divs and others

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I took at look at the link with IE9 & Chrome. Seems OK. Is there a specific version of IE you are having a problem with?

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