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Where can I find this template?

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After long time I am visiting this forum. I am very busy with my new job and don't find much time to contribute in forums. I really missed this forum.

I have several blogs with wordpress and I think its time for me to learn Joomla. So, I am searching for Joomla video tutorials. I am not a great coder so I am looking for such tutorials which can provide me enough information on :"How can I customize a joomla website"?

I am planning to start a security website with Joomla template. I prefer same template which is currently atlantic.net is using. Where can I buy that template or download for free? If you know, please share that link with me.

Thanks in advance.

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Where can I find this template?

Have you try google it first before you post it here?

Here is a few sites you are learn Joomla:




This is all I can help you with.

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