Since so many people (me included) are now offering gmail links and just swapping them I think it would be appropiate to make a gmail swap forum for those posts/threads at least until gmail no longer is beta, what do you guys think?

gmail swapping? what do you mean by that? people are hoping accounts?

=) after getting an account of my own, I now know what you mean. I have 6 free gmail accounts to give out, but I don't know how to give them out. =\ [post]49591[/post]

send the invites to yourself and then copy and paste the links in the invite e-mails ;)

Not too keen on the idea of a gmail-only forum because I only want to have forums which stick and stay around for the long haul. I don't really want to create something that is only because of the latest "fad" - it will subside once gmail goes public. If that were done, there would be a new forum with each latest Internet fad ;)

lol true but this is the fad :p lol, it's all about gmail with the 1GB of free diskspace with little to no ads XD :cool:

200+ here :)

I like to get people to do things (like sign up at some site so I have an extra referral) and tell them they get a "special prize" if they do. Then I ask for their email and send them 10-15 Gmail invites :)

I remember when I got my Gmail invite for leaving Hotmail :) I was so excited...

*walks down Memory Lane, handing out Gmail invites to everyone on the way :) *