Hey Dani ! I was looking at the members list ... n I saw so many members throwing one post in the forum and then disappearing for life. I was thinking if they could be mailed reminding that they were missing a lot of updated stuff or so ... That could boost the number of regular posters I think.

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Thanks for your suggestion :) By default, members are automatically subscribed to threads they post in. Not only that, but they receive e-mail notifications weekly. Most other forums send out daily notifications by default. However, I didn't want to do that because I think it would completely scare off a newcomer that they joined a forum on Monday, and on Tuesday suddenly received allllll of this e-mail from the site. Subscribtion notification can be changed in your profile anyways :)


No I just wanted to say that when a member doesnot logon to the site for more than one or two months ... you can send the user a reminder or something like that ... this will help the traffic somewhat I think.

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