Hi i have a problem when i open a Dani-Web page.


You are not the only one who has had that problem. Others have had it recently to.

Ok .Is anybody working to slove that problem?

Huh? How can anyone other than Dani solve the problem?

The best you can do is to wait till Dani finds the cause and fixes this problem.

I saw that a couple times this morning too. The last time I saw it Dani said it was a corrupt file. But she probably won't do anything about it until after she upgrades DaniWeb to the newest version of vBulletin, probably sometime Christmas Day.

I also had that same problem...waited a few minutes logged out and then it started to work again.

It causes a post I was making to not post.

What I don't understand is, why does it show the 'server side scripts' !

Problem seems to have gone away - sorry for the delay on resolving this but Dani is poorly at the moment (me as well, lovely fever on xmas day) and things naturally take a little longer to get sorted at this time of year when people are away visiting relatives etc.