Do you or your ISP have images disabled?

Is your ISP so overloaded that it is dumping or delaying image files?


This is the only site it happens on!!!!!

(Dani already said in her attempt to fix the menus,it screwed up the rendering on IE6)

We just have to try and work this out (I dont want her to undo the changes now that the menus works,maybe i can find another way to make the menu work that doesnt affect IE6)


While I know this problem is a result of the menu fix, the site loads fine on XP/IE6 on my laptop. Therefore, I don't know how to proceed to debug this issue.


I didn't have the problem until today (I have used IE6 since it came out ). I have no clue why it happens, but if you click on the Add-Reputation link everything suddenly loads up fine :-O


Votes + Comments

I just tried that Niek (Gave you PLUS REP) and everything showed for a few seconds then dissapeared again!!!

I saw your avatar!!! (When the page first loaded,then it was gone again)



Sometimes when i reply to a thread and then click submit,i see the avatars for a second when the page first loads but then it dissapears again...... (That whole top 1/2)

Any luck trying to narrow this down Dani?


Well I know it's a CSS problem, which would explain what you're experiencing. However, I totally can't duplicate it in order to fix it. It works fine for me in Safari on the mac, in IE6 on XP, in IE7 on Vista, in Opera on Vista, and in FireFox on Vista.

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