This will depend on how popular this board gets, but what do you people think about deleting old posts? After how many days should they be deleted? (30 days, 2 months, etc.?)

I mean it's really great to have a lot of posts ... and sometimes questions you may have were answered a long time ago ... but do we really want to sort through 1-year-old posts in a computer forum where the technology is changing day by day?

Post your ideas here ... everything's taken into consideration.

Hmm.... maybe we should archive old posts (30 days or greater) and keep them at a seperate location.

Yah... i guess ya can archive em or whatever

Make it like every 2-3 months 30 days is too short.

Everybody... keep in mind this site is being hosted by Dell. We have 150megs of storage, and 10GB monthly transfer. So maybe in 3 months the forum file will be 70 megs. Just give that a thought.

How many MB's are we using now? Because text doesn't take that much let me know the site stats such as traiffic and other stuff how many visited total and how much space everyone is using.

I think we can archive this stuff and we can put it on my novell server. Case closed. It will be always acessable... and there is no transfer or space restrictions.

This doesn't seem to be a problem anymore ... not with the new server!

Right now we're using 35MB of space! Out of an available 800MB !!

Hmm... how would ya archive part of a mysql database? I don't think it has replication features. And... take into consideration the popularity of this board, it'll take awhile 2 fill up da database.


Nonono ... I meant, that with 800mb, we don't need to archive due to lack of space. We can just keep filling up the database!

Still looking into making regular back-ups of the database though. I think I might need to call my hosting company for info about that. The database isn't stored with all my other files.

Damn phpMyAdmin !! Okay I've got the database saved as a .sql file on my hard drive. I'm going to back this thing up weekly (if I can remember to!)