Are you having database problems? All I can see of any thread is the first post -- nothing beyond that even in threads that have double-digit posts. Its not confined to just one thread but all threads on all boards.

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The problem seems to be with Page --> zoom. I normally have it set on 100%. But starting this afternoon I can't see more than the first page of any thread on DaniWeb. If I change it to 200% and back again to 100% it gets corrected and now I can see all of it. I have to do that with every thread and occasionally that doesn't work either.

In the attached thumnail please notice that the entire right side of the screen is not loaded either.

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Well the whole problem is that it is taking 35-40 seconds to load the information on the right side of the screen as well as the rest of the posts in the thread. Strange that no other web site I visit has this problem, only DaniWeb.


All I can see of any thread is the first post -- nothing beyond that

sometimes i get that and IE reaches 100% cpu usage and goes white + crashy but it i wait 45~ seconds then its ok

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