Screenshot attached. The ads block the "Software Development" dropdown menu. Is there a fix for this, other than an adblock software? Because I actually like supporting Daniweb, and I like the ads there.

(Firefox 2)

This greed is what keeps most of the forums out there alive so cribbing is kind of pointless. This world works on a 'give and take' principle.

I'm not complaining that the ad is there, but that it was written to always be on top.

I support advertising, as long as the ad programmer doesn't use tricks that make the ad cause problems with the website.

I consider an ad to be greedy only if one or more of the following are true:

- It does things to keep the user from leaving the page, using the back button, or scrolling away from the ad.

- It uses up 100% CPU time, preventing navigation or scrolling, or hiding the insertion point.

- It won't let a dropdown menu cover it.

- It expands to cover controls.

- The ad company oversubscribes its service, causing page loading delays.

- It has animations that are distracting and last more than a few seconds.

- Moving the mouse over the ad starts something.

- The ad is a lie.