I'm seeing some of these on occasion.
"This forum requires that you wait 15 seconds between posts. Please try again in 14 seconds."
But I always see my reply below it, but somehow the board though I tried to post it twice.

Seen on both Vista and XP machines, both running the latest 2.x firefox.

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Hi there Salem, I too have had this issue a couple of times, I am using XP MCE and latest Firefox. Tested it through IE and managed to duplicate the issue so its not a firefox unique issue.


These two issues (the one zandiago posted a link to) are not related. Let's please keep them in separate threads so that we can figure out what is causing them.


well, the programs began around the same time and both relate to the same thing

double post / post never posts / post spinner posts forever / white screen / errors loading

all similar


They are definitely not the same. Some are caused by JavaScript on the browser side of things and some are caused by an actual bug in the PHP code, and they need to be debugged separately.

Plus, we don't know when they all began. Some people are saying last week and some people are saying months ago.


That's not a problem with the database, that's a problem with the PHP code. And that's the issue brought up in the other thread linked to that still hasn't been solved yet.

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