icode doesn't retain white space like code tags. Is it possible to make them consistent? Example:

// using icode tags "Now is the time " // using code tags

"Now       is     the       time         "

And if you want a newline behind an icode line, you have to give an extra enter: cout << 1; hello

In the inputfield ; the line above was 2 lines. (I gave an enter behind the icode line) cout << 1; hello

In the example above I had to hit enter twice. See attachment.

ICODE is not meant for multiple lines of code. That's what CODE tags are for.
Extra whitespace on a single line of code may or may not be useful. I probably agree that ICODE should retain whitespace, but not EOLs.

You misunderstood me.

If I type this:

[icode] // 1 line of code [/icode] \n
Test test

It comes out as: //1 line of code Test test

So as you can see, I'm talking about an EOL after an icode-line