ok, i know this was posted somewhere, but i cant find it so i'm starting a new thread with it here (hope i dont beg b-slapped 4 it, or well, @least not TOOOO hard! ;) )

i'm figuring its a fairly safe bet that we all frequent other tech discussion groups/forums, which we can adv the site on. i'm NOT saying just posting 4 postings sake, but when a legit request is made for additional resource i wouldnt c anything wrong w/referencing TTFs. i would NOT endorse spaming or planting (a "pre-quel" post requesting info, that is 2 say), cuz that would create a rep that wud not be easily shaken. FFT.

Great minds think alike! I've already been doing that over at the forums at www.computing.net. I've been responding to a fair number of posts, and I sign each one of my responses:

TechTalk Forums

The problem with that is it is awfully time consuming. And not only that, but computing.net doesn't hyperlink URLs typed in ... so it would actually require someone to copy/paste the URL into their browser's address bar (something very few people would be willing to do after they have already received a sufficient response to their inquiry).

I am plodding on, though! Still posting on computing.net! ... plod, plod, plod ...

BTW ... the thread you are talking about is on the TechTalk Comments board.

Just remember peeps, don't spam! ;D It's bad netiquette to post on other boards just with a link/advertisement to TechTalk, unless it's a specific free-4-all or link board.

We wanna promote this site, but the legit way!

(btw, this isn't aimed at you, aeinstein - you've already got the right idea - just telling peeps in general)