This includes tech support troubleshooting pirated software or P2P programs (i.e. Gnutella, Kazaa) used to obtain pirated software.

This was a quote I found in the rules of the forum.
Tons of P2P programs are used to obtain pirated software and more, but it doesn't have to be used in an illegal manner.

My first thought of P2P was bittorrent, so is chat of BT prohibited?

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There are two possible interpretations here:

1) Any discussion of P2P software is prohibited because the software may be used to obtain pirated software or other illegal materials.

2) The clause refers to the specific act of obtaining illegal materials using a P2P program, so discussion of legal use is not prohibited.

The former is easier to follow and easier to enforce, but probably a bit too strict. The latter makes more sense but is easier to accidentally violate, and this is a problem because Keep It Legal doesn't allow for warnings. The first offense results in a five point infraction.

For the sake of simplicity, I'd recommend the first interpretation until Dani (she wrote it) replies with the intention of that clause.


I agree, there were two different ways that you can interpret the statement, which is why I came here to clarify :D.

Ok cool, I was just wondering because I recently picked up Java and I knew that BT was a work of Java.


Oh I didn't mean to stir up any trouble or anything , sorry about that .

So what is the final decision with the rules? The first option you stated or the second?


>Oh I didn't mean to stir up any trouble or anything , sorry about that .
No worries, we want the rules to be as clear as possible, so any help in pointing out ambiguous wording is most welcome. :)

>So what is the final decision with the rules?
It looks like we've all agreed that unless the discussion involves known illegal software or acts (such as a P2P program that's illegal, or discussion of sharing illegal things with a legal program), you've got the green light.

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