In this thread, I can see the first 5 posts. Then, all I see is an empty page. If the length of the text in code-tags is more, this seems to happen. First I thought it must be my internet. So, I reloaded the page and again, I see only half the page. So, Is this a firefox bug or is it my internet (I doubt) or is it me ?
I have attached the screenshots of it for proof !

P.S. It works fine in IE..

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This has happened to me in all versions of Firefox I have used. It has happened around 5 times now; always when the code in a post is ridiculously long.


That appears to be the only time it happens, now with you, nav33n, and I saying those were the posts with problems.


I am on Firefox 2 right now and i just tried that thread and im seeing the same results!!

Seems like Firefox is only allowing X amount of data to be shown on 1 page and if it goes over,it doesnt show the rest..........

I wonder if that limit can be increased (Perhaps using "About:config")

Interestingly when i viewed source,saved the file as "test.htm" and viewed it,THE WHOLE THREAD WAS DISPLAYED!! (All 7 replies on the page) so whatever restrictions it is imposing on a webpage,IT DOESNT IMPOSE WITH A LOCAL FILE. (As in my test)

Might be able to be modified in about:config but im at loss as to what to change (I looked thru it and cant decide what to try (uugghh)) I dont use FF much...... (Im on the XP upstairs right now)


The offical word on this from a staff member on the FF site:

There is a bug in firefox which prevents painting after about 32000 pixels. It is in both FF2 and FF3. In some cases you can use the FF3 page zoom to shrink the page below 32000 pixels.

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