This is more like a portal-like forum. One thing i've noticed, people don't want a site that is full of everything (unless it's a specific type, ie. dictionaries and encyclopedias). People want sites that are dedicated to a certain topic. If it's part of a domain of networks, that's fine, as long as the web site (www.website.com) is specialized and geared toward one thing. Unles this forum gets a huge variety of users, then, sorry to say, it won't succeed.

Take www.internet.com as an example, it has a huge wealth of links and in a fairly organized manner. But it's too much irrelevant stuff that it will become a nuisance to use. Say you want to get information on a disease from the internet, where do you go, search on google or search a medical encyclopedia? Google has more info, but too much.

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That makes total sense ... where I wanna go is to avoid this being a place for computer newbies. I mean, we will have tech support, but not "how do I click the start menu and go to my programs" type deal.

Stuff for comp techs by comp techs ... think that might work?


I couldn't care less. Compared to other tech forums, this is a much better site...but i'd like to see live chat...



This is a much better site, other than the fact that there are few members. Hopefully, it will thrive when hundreds, thousands, perhaps (if we're luky), hundreds of thousands of members. This could become a huge forum area from basic to c++ and cool comp stuff to the phatest overclocking and modded out comps. This is a good site, other than the biggest problem most things (not just web sites, also companies), getting their site promoted. It's a difficult task, and hopefully this site can one day become a popular tech zone. As of now, that is still a dream (Danielle's dream more or less)


Good for you... maybe you two should become telepathic and share your dreams

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