One strange glitch has been bugging my IE7 (and me) last day or so. My back button isn't working right.. it refuses to go back one step. It can only go back two or more steps if I doubleclick it (read: frenziedly keep clicking on it with complimentary frustration and unnecessary finger-force), and "forward" arrow remains grayed even after I went back 2-3 steps..
I usually end up on the daniweb home page..

I've installed latest cumulative patch for IE7 yesterday and I think that's when it started to behave this way. It only behaves here (on the daniweb) and only on IE7. Firefox and Opera work fine.

Edit I must add that I have some advertising servers blocked and only difference between before and after I click on the back button (once) is that the displaying message (where the ads appear) "The website declined to show this webpage" turns to "403 Forbidden".
It takes me 1 click on the back button per ad on the current page to go back once without option of going forward. By each click one of the ads ("The website declined to show this webpage") turn to "403 Forbidden".

If you don't block any ad servers, do you still encounter this problem?

To be honest, I forgot what way I got those servers blocked.. Let's just say that my XP needs clean install. I'm pretty certain now that this is a matter of my configuration.

Update on the situation: I've managed to unblock the ad servers (again, no idea exactly how I've did it) and the back button works fine now. I guess it is one of IE7 bugs that has been overlooked by MS.