Next week is the last week of the school semester. During winter break, I plan to devote time to the blog and code snippets areas of DaniWeb. I would like to start a feature-list now, so that when it comes time to go to work, I already have an idea of what people would like to see.

I'll start off the feature list ...

- list of members currently browsing
- searchable!
- # of code snippets per language
- more intuitive design

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I want some more professional helpful people involved in the .NET framework section .... cuz I dont see so many replied or posts in the section.... ( Hey Dani ! may be I am hasty about everything ... dont want to wait much for the traffic to come in ... but I want my problems to be solved here....


Noted - I will try to more closely integrate the code snippets section with the forums. I already have some ideas on what I can do.

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