I personally use Ruby for a lot of general scripting off of the web (e.g., creating GUIs with FxRuby). I went to try and find some Ruby info and the first place I went was the Software Development area. After I couldn't find a Ruby forum in there, I looked in Web Development and found it.

Personally, I have never used Ruby for web development. I don't believe it should be categorized as a 'web language,' even if Rails is a really popular Ruby application. There was a suggestion on the Ruby forum itself that it be renamed to 'Ruby on Rails' and a new Ruby forum be put in the Software Development section. I think this is a good idea, although I don't know what would be best for Daniweb. But, whatever the case I do think at least a link to the Ruby forum should be put in the Software Development section or something.

Thank you for your time!

There does not seem to be much support, or for that matter disagreement, with your suggestion if the response here is anything to go by!

The thing is I'm no Ruby developer to know one way or another. I'll ask around.

I agree with the OP there; Ruby is much more than just another web development language. It falls in the same league as Python, Perl and the other scripting languages out there. Moving it to the Software Development Category would be a good decision.