Obviously ............ we have a whole new design here! Like it? Yes, no, maybe so? This time around there's complete customization ... so any feature you want, I'll definitely look into asap! I took everyone's opinion and decided to put the main forum index back onto the main page (it seems that was missed a lot). Any other ideas, please let me know!! :P

Hey, peeps! It's been a few days and I was just wondering what ya'll think of the new layout. There's an ultra nice templating system behind it all, making it really simple to change just about anything. So please, if you have any comments, things you might think would be simpler, etc etc, please let me know! In the meantime I'll be here working on refining the HTML code (a few more hours left!)

Delicious! I really like it. It's my style. Yeah baby.

Tek told me that he's not too crazy about it ... he said the foreground/background colors are too close to each other making it hard to read. Someone else told me that it reminds him of a warez site. :!:

Any comments on this?

Well, I like it, but then again you're here to serve the public. I think you should wait and see what more people think (more than just 2 or 3) before changing it.

See ... overall, I really like it. But the problem is that virtually all of the colors it uses aren't on the standard web palette. Just bringing the color depth on my machine from 32bit to 16bit wrecked it a lot. And I can understand where a lot of peeps are coming from when they say it doesn't display right on the schools machines, etc. (For example, instead of the tables having a 3D look, they all just look black, with the font a dark grey).

What I was thinking about was a very similar look/style with a white background instead. I don't know how it would work or be implemented but it's just a thought.

I tested this forum in several computers: at work, my house, and at school. Looks good. All in 16bit. I tried 32 bit in a few computers and it looked the same.

kool beans

:!: did i just say that :?:

"kool beans" ... it's not a Dani-like thing to say

I once saw a magazine called "Kool Beans" at Tower Records. ;)