I just came back after long time, and all this new look is fine, but every time I open some thread, my IE7 shuts down.
I am in the proccess of making me a slipstreamed XP, so this is happening on the crisp-clean XP with freshly installed patches and dotnet frameworks 1.1, 2, and 3. All patched and everything.
At the moment I don't have any other browsers installed.

This is what happens:
It closes IE window only on first page of the thread. It doesn't if the thread spawns on more than one page AND if I'm on other than first page. It happens just as the page finishes loading.

I fixed it by installing latest Adobe flash player. (10-something) Previous version was 6 (one that came with IE7 or SP3 for 32bit XP), so I'll mark this thread as "solved".
Replicating the problem is easy. Just uninstall adobe flash player, and it starts all over again.

My guess is that one of the flash-based ads is causing it.

Anyway, I thought you should know about that.

I have never had this problem.

p.s Integrating the .NET frameworks is more complicated than most people think, you have to make a switchless installer and have them installed in the post-install unnatended phase as you cant integrate them directly like hotfixes.

I'm not slipstreaming .NET. Just WMP, IE7 and patches with nLite. .NET is not much needed to me. I've installed it only to see if there are any more hotfixes and service packs availabe on the MS update.

Yeah WMP is a bit of a pain to integrate. just make sure you grab the WMP Integrator tool for nlite.

Windows Update Downloader is quite handy for dling all your hotfixes. So it the MBSA.

My practice is to download the updates over MS download center manually and keep them for future use.
nLite is already equipped with WMP integrator and is easy to use. The only glitch it gave me was with altering .inf files. Made one of them "not digitally signed".

Yeah. If you use WUD (Windows update downloader) you can keep the files for later use too

I use WUTool too. It intercepts the automatic updates "on the fly". But those files usually come out nameless, making it hard to keep track of which is which.

I ment "I use WUTool too" as along with manual downloads...