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Dani cleaned up the tutorial section a while ago, as we were getting a lot of junk and not much quality control. Now you need to submit tutorials to Davey (happygeek) for revision and approval, after which it will be posted.

I think you can still submit tutorials with this link:
if you replace 'xx' with the forum number of the tutorial category, you can post, but it still goes through the same revision, editing and approval process.


Been that way for a while

I don't know how long ago it was changed but Comatose, up until ten days ago, hadn't posted since March 2007, almost two years ago.


How long it was since I last posted... and how long it's been that way is fairly irrelevant. The point of the post was to bring it to the attention of the community and those in charge (hence the forum... Feedback) that there was no kind of link or access point to post a new tutorial. Regardless of whatever kind of process is being put in place to regulate the tutorial posts (which, is also somewhat discouraging for people who do want to contribute tutorials) There simply wasn't/isn't a means by which to post one....not even a link to "send this tutorial for review/post" nothing.

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