I came across a small bug recently when clicking on a link to a user profile. It seems that no matter what name you click on, it will only ever link you to the member who last posted in that thread. In my screenshots, I clicked on the link to view vmanes profile, yet it linked me to ArkM's profile page (the last poster).

Well if you observe correctly then the link in the last poster name on the thread list page is like this:-

Whereas the Member Profile link is like this:-

@Ancient Dragon
You might want to check the following post in the Member of The Month thread.

I would nominate ArkM due to his excellent help in the C and C++ boards (I don't know where else he is at).

ArkM actually links to someone else's profile page and from the link it looks like it was picked from the thread list page.

I'm going to wager a guess here. I'll bet that you didn't refresh the page after ArkM posted. So, picture this... you go to C++ forum, you get a list. The last poster at the time was vmanes.... ArkM Posts (before you click vmanes) and voila. Now, look at the status bar of your browser while your pointer is over the link (check your pictures too). You'll see that the link has nothing to do with a member profile at all. It has to do with the last poster. http://www.daniweb.com/forums/member.php?find=lastposter&t=176980 , looks to me like the link says "hey, get the profile of the last poster on thread 176980, regardless of who it is."

I realized that comatose :icon_rolleyes: The fact is, if you click on someones username, it sometimes links you to somebody elses profile regardless of whether you refreshed the page or not. If I click on a link saying vmanes, it should link me to his profile, don't you think? Not a very big problem, I just thought i'd mention it.