When posting a long line of code it goes down to the next line...for example:

$errormessages = array(
    'nosearch'  => 'Your search returned no results - <a href="guide?t=search">Click Here For Search Tips</a>',
    'captcha'   => 'The captcha you entered was incorrect, please try again.',);

Would it be possible to mabey have an options to turn line wrapping off. I find it annoying sometimes and it makes reading code alot easier.

Thanks :)

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So then when the line runs longer than the maximum width allowed for the post screen, how do you plan to show that ?

If you use horizontal scroll bars for it, then lines can become too too long. This again causes problem to read, as one has to keep scrolling back and forth. Also after reading a long line, it's confusing to figure out the line exactly below the current line.

For better reading abilities it's always good to keep the line upto say 80 characters. It's like in the newspapers even though they have lot's of width they prefer to break a long article into multiple vertical columns than to allow the lines to stretch to length. ;)

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Thats why I said make it optional. Or mabey even on a toggle.

Almost all text editors these days come with optional word wrapping. I think it woud be a great addition.


Thats why I said make it optional. Or mabey even on a toggle.

If thats the case you can toggle plain text on it and check out, that feature is already there.


you could always copy/paste into your own favorite editor, such as Notepad++ which will do what you are looking for.

@OP: Didn't you figure this out ?


Basically ... there's nothing that can be done that will make EVERYONE happy. Some people like syntax highlighting. Some people don't. Some people like line numbers. Some people don't. Some people like wrapping. Some people don't.

All in all, I've found that the majority of people like the change we implemented from having a horizontal scrollbar with a fixed width to no horizontal scrollbar with a fluid width (that expands to your browser window). We can always only please the majority.


I haven't seen many people complaining on that, enough even to be called a minority, just the one. Also this to me doesn't appear to be an issue that the community should bother itself too much with, more so when people always have the wonderful solution put forth by AncientDragon. It's just a copy-paste far.

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