Who's layout do you like better? Our's or YaBB.info's (the maker of this board)?

Personally, I like YaBB's much better. I feel that the "Subject" column is to thin, and the "Started By" column is to wide.

TechTalkGal likes it like this, just so the header and footer columns line up with the board list.

Basiclly, it's her site, so I don't win if she likes it and I don't. Maybe I could rally some support....

Sorry Tekmaven, I just voted for TTF's setup. I'm still not thrilled with it, but Dani's obviously putting a lot of work into it , so... actually, it was really more of a vote *against* YABB's - just didn't like it. Hey, your a Bud, just talk to Dani and she'll do what she can to integrate your ideas into what she's trying to accomplish.

Actually ... let me clear up what I'm doing right now. I've been spending night and day redoing the TechTalk website, but NOT the front-end stuff!

The php code for the YaBB script is extraordinarily messy, uncommented, and has HTML code with like 5000 nested tables hard-coded into all these messy files.

What I'm doing is going through this, .php file by .php file, indenting all the code, commenting all the code, and simplifying all the tables (e.g. removing unnecessary nested tables, etc.)

See, before I was only really able to change the color of the forum template, as all of the HTML code is hard-coded. Now I'm simplifying all of the HTML code and commenting all of it and what it does.

When I finish, I'll take everyone's opinions about every lil detail of where things should be and how they should look. And this time, I'll actually be able to implement all of the changes, because I'll have full control over the template.

(In the mean time, the changes you're seeing now, are just my rudiamentary attempt to design an extremely simple and clean template, which will be easy to work from in the future.)

BTW ... ya hear that, Dan? ;)

PPL... dont vote because you think Dani's putting a lot of work at it, vote because you like one of the choices!

i didnt vote for TTF simply bcuz of Dani's work - but if their had been a "Neither" selection i wouldve selected it then. at this point, well, it's starting to grow on me, and once i figure out what it is that i really don't like about it, and what i'd really like 2 c that's not here then a post a coupla lines with a heads up.

How about this newwwww look ?? New forum software, new look, what do people think?

Delicious! I love it! Very groovy. Makes me want to break dance.

That "guest" post above was me again. :shock:

Dan, still having logout problems or is everything good 2 go now?