As you've all probably noticed, I'm redoing the entire look of TechTalk Forums one page at a time. However, I just want to clear up that this really isn't what I'm doing.

My redo is focused around the back-end PHP code. I'm simplifying the front-end look slightly, but only temporarily. Once I finish working with the code, itself, I'll be taking all opinions of what you'd like to see in the actual design.

BTW, there is no time like the present to voice your opinions! Since the site's look will be changing soon, take the time now to tell me what you'd really like to see!

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I know I must be appearing mighty scarce from the boards lately. I just want y'all to know I'm really here in spirit (hehe) - I've been working day in, day out on all the back-end stuff non-stop. It's almost done ... just to let ya all know I really do check these boards quite often.

Let me know if there's anything you wish to see, or have changed, etc etc ... I know a lot of you don't like the new frontpage - can ya tell me what you don't like about it?? What would you like to see on it that isn't there now? What makes the board index as a front page better? Let me know so maybe I can come up with a design that's the best of both worlds!

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