Yesterday I received bad reputation point from a sponsor .He/She commented with these words "bump to a super old thread with no real new information" .
Accordind to my opinion it is not right,look at my answer in the 'Remote computer shutdown' or click this link Here you can read the recieved comment
Or is this affection that I'm hungary? :'(

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Everyone gets bad rep from time-to-time, don't worry about it. Feel lucky I didn't give that bad rep because it would have cost you 23 points instead of the 4 points Killer_Typo gave you.

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Is this a threat or wut? :-)

> Or is this affection that I'm hungary?

Don't turn this into a country thingy; reputation is a subjective concept so it can't be helped if someone thinks that your post was eligible for a bad one. But if you feel that someone is abusing the reputation system by repeatedly giving out bad reps for no real reason, feel free to report this to a mod/admin.

BTW, bumping threads is bad enough since it sends back the recent threads which are in need of help. Also, wasn't the reply you posted from some man page or online resource? Plus if you would read carefully, the OP was not having a problem with the command itself but more of a network issue.


Actually, FC did not bump a really old thead. NetworkExpert did. He just tried to help out what he saw was a current thread.


I think I misunderstand this whole thing,and now I understand that it is not nationality question...and next time I'll care about the threads' date too ...by the way a lot of question lieing on the net just sometimes we should look around a bit more...
I've got a reference book of Windows Xp Command Line,and I found that answer there.How can we learn something if we do not reading?..
I thought I shared that information with that member,just wanted to help....

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