We need a quarterly/bi-annual/annual coding challenge[s] here.

There would be a suggestion box sort of thing, where challenge ideals can be submitted.
Once a challenge is selected, permitted languages will be attributed along with minimum requirements.
Then people can submit and vote; subsequently the top voted will be placed on the "top submissions" page.

Editing to the procedure is obviously needed. What do you think?

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Hard to do because there are not too many people in any one field who would have enough expertise, let alone time, to compete. Also, many people are wary of downloading files from forums.

If I could send an attachment to my Yahoo account, Yahoo have one of the best email scanners ....(Idon't know how to finish this sentence!). I am not sure if DanniWeb scans for viruses.

One last point, no ones likes to reveal their secrets. I don't mind now because I have so many secrets, I'm bursting at the seams!

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