Is this the only part of DaniWeb where my post will not be moved elswhere or if I say something inappropriate, I won't get a violation notice?:sweat:

No forum is exempt from moderation. Perhaps you should read and follow the rules instead of whining about it.

I thought the discussion forum was for suggestions. I did not expect to get berated. I will not bother with the discussion room again.
Thanks for your courteous reply.

>>I thought the discussion forum was for suggestions.
It is -- but you didn't post a suggestion. Geek's Lounge is where you can post silly and/or off-topic stuff. About the only time you will get kicked off there is if you post technical support questions, profanity, porn, advertisements, or flame someone.

Ohhh. I thought my question(?) was silly and expected other people to say things like - "Yeh, they do it to me all the time"

Perhaps I was a bit rash and feeling a bit sensitive when I didn't get the reply I expected.

Maybe I'll be back for a cigar and a thumb of scotch.

You should read the forum rules before posting, otherwise you will probably get into trouble. This is a feedback forum, as the title of the forum suggests. You will find rules specific to each forum at the top of the forum, like this:

Our Community Feedback forum is the place for DaniWeb site announcements, comments, and feedback..