TechTalkGal -> What an amazing design! Now lets get the posts goin.. and lets get some new users! This could get very big if we play it right....

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I hope so! What we need now are tutorials and reviews. So, please, people! If you can write *anyting* please just send it off to cscgal@msn.com ... thanx dudes and dudettes.

... this goes for registry tweaks, etc. :)


Well... i forgot my password and don't have time to try to remember which email account i signed up this forum with. But... wateve, i'll look into that lata. 12:20 AM now and i need to damn study!!! i was going to study from 8 to 10 PM, but uhh, well, didn't feel like it and when i realized the time, it was too late.

Well... the site layout is looking very nice and clean and i'll look into it later (reason above)


Hey, ppl. I'm really sorry ... in the whole redoing of the forums, I accidently forgot the name of the two cookies I used to remember your username and password ... so you have to log in again. :(

Proud of myself though - I actually managed to save all of the messages!

Alpha, if you are still having problems, IM me on AIM and I can just give you a new password.

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